Ten Mile Ultra-fine Filter For AeroPress Coffee Maker

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The Ten Mile Ultra-fine metal disk filters For the AeroPress Coffee Maker are filters that allow all the oils and smooth rich flavour into your brew without any silt, mud or grinds. With super fine holes, there’s literally thousands of these holes spread evenly across the filter. Compatible with the Delter Coffee Press as well.

Super Filtration, just like Paper, But Better

In particular the size of these holes are so small that all the undissolved solids, that usually end up in your cup continuing to brew and adding the bitterness more and more as your let your coffee sit, are held back all together, increasing your chances of an ideal extraction and clarity of flavour from start to finish.

Adds a Silky Texture to the Coffee

The amount of holes across the disk also assists in the pressing of the Aeropress and you won’t even feel the resistance.  There’s no need to grind finer or coarser, by just grinding the same as normal and using the Ten Mile Ultra-fine disk, you’ll discover a whole new world of flavour and mouthfeel to enjoy in your daily cup of coffee.

Each filter is made from durable stainless steel, are 100μ Thick and come in two different sizes; the F1 10k having ~10,000 - 100μ Micron size Holes, whereas the F2 50k has upwards of 50,000 holes, all around ~30μ across. 

Combined as a set, you can place one filter on top of the other to achieve even more filtration, making a super clean, yet full bodied, rich and flavourful coffee without having to deal with the grittiness and silt that often is found with other metal disk filters.

Available as either the F1 10k, F2 50K or as a set of both.

Ten Mile Ultra-fine Filter For AeroPress Coffee Maker FEATURES

Full Bodied Brews – Metal Filters allow the oils to pass through the filter, something missing with paper filters altogether.

Complexity of Flavour – Coffee oils add a complexity of flavour and texture to the coffee adding to the overall enjoyment of the cup.

Two Compatible Brewers – Able to be used on the Delter Coffee Press and the Aeropress Coffee Maker.

Silky Mouthfeel – By removing all the undissolved solids from the coffee, it’ll be silky smooth and delicious.

Stainless Steel Filters – Made to last. Easy to keep clean and won’t break easily.


  • Ten Mile Ultra-fine Filter For AeroPress Coffee Maker - Your Choice of Filter. 


Material Stainless Steel
Thickness 100μ Thick
Diameter Ø 60mm
Filtration F1 10K holes @ 100μ Micron Size

F2 50k Holes @ 30μ Micron Size

Compatible With


Available Styles

  • F1 - 10K
  • F2 - 50K
  • F1 & F2 Set
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