Pullman Settler Pre Distribution Tool

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The Pullman Settler Pre Distribution Tool is your gateway to redefining the very first step of the coffee-making process, the pre-distribution. It facilitates consistent pre-distribution of coffee grounds within the portafilter basket before tamping and extraction. By ensuring an even distribution, the Settler sets the foundation for uniform extraction, leading to enhanced flavor and quality in the espresso shot.

In the pursuit of the perfect shot, the Settler eliminates inconsistencies such as clumps in the coffee bed, ensuring that water flows evenly through the grounds during extraction. It minimises the risk of channeling. Crafted with high profile walls, the Settler prevents coffee spillage and its tapered inner walls counteracts off-center transfers. 

Pullman Settler Pre Distribution Tool Features

Precise Pre-Distribution - Ensures even and uniform distribution of coffee grounds within the portafilter basket.

High-Profile Walls - Prevents coffee spillage, ensuring a mess-free process.

Tapered Inner Walls - Counteracts off-center transfers, guaranteeing consistent and precise distribution of coffee grounds.

Original True Tamp Rings - Secures grip and enhances control during pre-distribution.

Sturdy Base - Sits effortlessly in the portafilter eliminating the risk of tipping and allowing for a steady and controlled distribution.

Low-Profile Seat - With a 3mm low-profile seat in the basket, it mitigates sidewall channeling risks guaranteeing optimal coffee bed alignment.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Pullman Settler Pre Distribution Tool


Height (Settler)


Height (low-profile seat)




Recommended Additions:

  • Pullman Precision Filter Basket
  • Pullman Chisel Distribution Tool 
  • Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper

Available Colours:

  • Black
  • Argent Silver
  • Blue
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