Option-O Lagom 01 Coffee Grinder

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A masterpiece of engineering tailored to unleash the true essence of modern light roasts, the Option O Lagom 01 is an exceptional grinder created to bring ease into every barista’s grinding workflow without compromising precision.

Featuring custom Mizen burrs, ultra-low retention, and a wide range of grind size settings that are easy to calibrate, this is a grinder that’s guaranteed to help any barista bring out the magic from light roast coffees.

Mizen Burrs for the perfect grind

Option-O developed the precision-engineered Mizen burrs, especially for modern light roasts. These 98mm and 102mm flat burrs deliver a grind that underlines the delicate flavours unique to light-roasted coffees.

The Lagom 01 takes you one step closer to that perfect juicy cup of coffee that’s bursting with floral notes. For those seeking maximum performance, the 102mm Mizen is in a blind burr format which has a larger outer diameter, effectively increasing the grind surface area by an extra 18%.

Effortless precision with stepless grinding

Calibration isn’t always fun. That’s why the Lagom 01 was designed to be easier to work with in this department. Taking notes from their P64 model, the Lagom 01 sports the same zero-calibration feature that allows you to fine-tune your grind settings with unparalleled ease.

What's more, the enhanced visibility of grind settings, even in the extreme ranges for both filter and espresso, makes this grinder a versatile workhorse. For added safety and convenience, the Lagom 01 comes equipped with a removable grind-setting limiter, safeguarding against accidental burr adjustments below zero.

Low retention wonder

The Lagom 01 revolutionizes your grinding workflow with advanced static reduction technology so you won’t need for the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT), unless you really want to. Even in low-humidity environments where static electricity can pose a challenge, you can count on this grinder to deliver a precise and even distribution of coffee grounds into the portafilter, without any extra steps from your end!

Option-O Lagom 01 Coffee Grinder Features

For light roast coffees - The special geometry of the Mizen burrs was designed to bring out the delicate notes specific to light roast coffees.

18% more grinding surface - The 102mm Mizen XL blind burrs increase the grinding surface area by 18%, further minimizing retention.

Effortless calibration - Stepless grinding with zero calibration feature and easy-to-read grind settings to take the strain out of calibration so you can focus on achieving precision and consistency with every grind.

Wide grinding range - Grinds for filter to espresso and everything in between. 7.5-micron adjustment for every line moved.

Variable speed - Adjustable RPM between 200 - 1700 to service a wide range of needs.

Fast output - Grinds up to 6 grams per second at the espresso setting.

Error protection - A removable safety grind-setting limiter lets you set a safe grind range and prevents below-zero settings to protect the burr from accidental damage.

Ultra-low retention - The anti-static design eliminates the need for the Ross Droplet Technique (RDT), simplifying the grinding workflow while achieving precise results.

Improved chute knocker - This magnet-assisted actuator efficiently clears out the chute from any coffee residue.

Modular platform design - Whether you’re working in a cafe or playing around with your favourite coffee at home, the modular platform of this grinder lets you set up either a portafilter holder or grind cup, whichever is more convenient for your workflow.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Option-O Lagom 01 Coffee Grinder
  • 1 x Mizen 102mm Blind burrs (recommended default)
    • /or Mizen 98 (with screw holes mount)
  • 1 x Magnetic platform
  • 1 x Filter holder for 58mm basket
  • 1 x Magnetic grind cup
  • 1 x 58mm dosing funnel
  • 1 x Power cord



Anodised aluminium


Flat - 98mm /or 102mm Blind Stainless Steel Burrs

Grind Adjustment

Stelpess 0.0075mm (7.5µ) VBM

RMP Adjustment

200 - 1700 RPM

Hopper capacity

Funnel can hold up to 300g of beans


Industrial-grade brushless DC motor with 1300W peak performance


100-120V or 220-240V


(W) 170mm × (D) 300mm × (H) 360mm


15.3 kg

Available Colours

  • Black
  • Silver

Available Burrs

  • 98mm Mizen Omni
  • 102 Mizen Omni
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