Breville Precision Brewer Accessories & Spare Parts

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The Breville Precision is a smart drip thermal coffee maker that’s designed to replicate the precise steps taken for hand-poured coffee, with just a touch of a button. This clever Breville coffee maker now comes with accessories and spare parts to further customise your daily brew and keep the Breville Precision Thermal Brewer, working each and every morning. 

Breville Showerhead With Adaptor

The Breville Showerhead brings together your favourite manual brewer and the Breville Precision. It creates an even water distribution similar to or perhaps even better than a manual pour-over so your Kalita Wave or V60 can do what it does best.

Breville Showerhead Adaptor Carry Case

Created to keep your Breville Showerhead Adaptor safe in storage and travel, this case offers a secure fit. It also doubles as a stand to bring your cup closer to the brewer, preventing coffee splashes.

Breville Basket Assembly

The Breville Basket Assembly is the replacement basket that is designed to fit directly in to the Breville Precision Brewer. Used as the main housing for either a flat-bottom or V-shape Filter basket. 

The basket has a spring-stop mechanism at the bottom that connects up to the Breville Precision Brewers automatic basket shut-off valve and the opposing carafe lid.

Material Plastic, Stainless Steel
Compatible Machine Breville Precision Brewer
Compatible Baskets Breville Conical Filter Holder Assembly

Breville Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter

Basket Upper Assembly 

Breville Basket Upper Assembly is the replacement part for the upper part of the basket to the Breville Precision Brewer. Without this part, the Precision Brewer may not be able to perform to the high standards and brew coffee exceptional coffee, as accustomed to this fantastic brewer.

Conical Filter Holder Assembly

The Breville Conical Filter Holder Assembly is the replacement V-shaped coffee filter basket designed for the Breville Precision Brewer. It uses conical paper filters and holds an approximate maximum amount of 90g ground coffee

Easy to install in the Breville Precision, is is not a filter on its own, but used in conjunction with 1-4 cup conical paper filters, can brew smaller batches of coffee compared to a basket filter.

Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter

The Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter is a replacement coffee filter basket designed for the Breville Precision Brewer. It is the largest fitting basket on the Breville Precision, capable of holding upwards of 200g of ground coffee and making 1.8L of brewed coffee.

Gold-plated Mesh does not interfere with the flavour of the coffee, allowing the oils and subtle notes in to the cup whilst actively holding back the smallest of ground particles back, that make your last few sips full of grit and grinds.

Easy to use in the Breville Precision, they are a sustainable way to brew coffee without concern of running out of paper filters.

Thermal Carafe 

Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Carafe is compatible with the Breville Precision Brewer. Having two Carafes provides approximately 24 Cups of coffee ready to go. Or stagger your Batch Brews to always have freshly made coffee ready. As well as Hot coffee, the Breville Precision Brewer makes Cold Brew too. Simple, have one Carafe as your Hot Brewer and one as cold, there’s so many options! 

Shower Head Ring And Seal

The Breville Shower Head Ring And Seal is the replacement brew head ring designed for use in the Breville Precision Brewer. Containing four separate holes for the even dispersion of water out over the bed of ground coffee.

Simple to install, with a reliable screw on and off function. The brew head has a seal at the back of the thread to ensure proper attachment to the brewer and no leaks occur during brewing. It can be used on all brew settings and is ideal for an even extraction of coffee and the best flavour.


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